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Marketing Online Education Programs: Frameworks for Promotion and Communication

This book by Ugur Demiray is a milestone in the research regarding the way educational programs that rely on e-learning are promoted and how communication impacts on their development. Just think of how the internet and the computers were twenty years ago and compare it to what we have today. The world changed at impossible [...]

Distance Education

As the world moves faster and faster it’s hard to find the time for institutionalized education, particularly after a certain age. Graduates and post-graduates can find it to taxing to attend courses on a daily basis. Of course, it’s not just the case of people too busy to attend, it’s also people who for a [...]

Ugur Demiray bio

Dr. Ugur Demiray was born in Turkey in 1955. After graduating from the Cinema and TV Department of the Turkish based, Andalou University in 1981 he went on to become a research assistant.  Five years later he received his PhD degree in Educational Communication and Planning  and he continued his career path in leaps and [...]

Client story

- Memory of the Universe seniors own only, – has not believed in the forces of Vejra. – It is impossible to me, – the friend has easy objected it. – and you – another. Try, can, it will turn out. – It will not turn out. Without the Teacher it at me never turned [...]

Marketing Online Education Programs: Frameworks for Promotion and Communication

Enormous developments in the IT field and the ease in access to online resources have led to major advancements in online education. The marketing of this education is a controversial issue and the opinions on the significance of the educational institution as a product, and the students as the customers, remains arguable. Marketing Online Education [...]

Dr. Ugur Demiray

Dr. Ugur Demiray is a well known personality in Turkey. He was born in Siirt in 1955. After doing primary as well as secondary education from Istanbul, he did his graduation in 1981 from the reputed Andalou University under the department of TV & Cinema. After completing his graduation he decided to work as a [...]

Top risk factors for acquiring an STD

Because most of our visitors are between 20 and 25 years old, we decided to launch an STD prevention campaign. According to recent statistics, this age range is the most susceptible to get an STD because they tend to have unprotected sex with random partners and they love parties where alcohol and drugs are the [...]

E-learning in Ugur Demiray’s opinion

Since the beginning of his academic career, Ugur Demiray focused mainly on the aspects of Distance Education. His many articles feature a lot of information on how technology, such as satellites can offer a helping hand in the educational process in a long-distance setting. Here are some of Ugur Demiray’s thoughts on e-learning and its [...]

Ugur Demiray bio

Ugur Demirayholds Undergraduate (B.A.) in the are a media Studies at Anadolu University, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Department of Cinema and Television, Eskisehir-Turkey, December 1977- June 198 And also Doctorate (Ph.D.) degree at Anadolu University, Social Sciences Graduate Institution, Department of Educational Communication Eskisehir-Turkey, September 1982- May 1986. He is currently working for the Anadolu [...]

Is traditional education better than distance education?

An ongoing debate has been raging for years between scholars trained in the Sciences of Education, whether a classroom based way of educating students is better than a distance education system. Though several studies have been proven inconclusive in regards with this subject, disregarding the allegation that a traditional approach is better, the two camps [...]

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