Client story

- Memory of the Universe seniors own only, – has not believed in the forces of Vejra.
- It is impossible to me, – the friend has easy objected it. – and you – another. Try, can, it will turn out.
- It will not turn out. Without the Teacher it at me never turned out.
- And you correctly formulate a question. Also trust in the answer.
- I will try, – has uncertainly whispered Vejra.
The girl has closed eyes and has said:
- I ask Mother-Universe: as well as what for there were on the Earth different people?

The young man has departed a little aside and has sat down on a grass. It sat silently, trying not to stir to speak independently to the girlfriend from the Universe. He knew that at it necessarily it will turn out. Vejra not for long stood blindly.

Soon it has with astonishment opened them and has thoughtfully said:
- The Knowledge, Saaf is given me! The Universe has answered!
- And that I spoke to you! – the young man has quietly exclaimed. – also what you have learnt?

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