Distance Education

As the world moves faster and faster it’s hard to find the time for institutionalized education, particularly after a certain age. Graduates and post-graduates can find it to taxing to attend courses on a daily basis. Of course, it’s not just the case of people too busy to attend, it’s also people who for a plethora of reasons find it extremely hard, if not impossible to participate at an old-fashioned educational course.

Thus Distance education was created, it’s aim being that of delivering information (most importantly teaching) to students who aren’t physically there, in a classroom. The distance education is a process through which the access to education is created and provided when the learners and the educators are separated by time, distance or both.

Considering the vast advancements in technology in the later years it’s not such a hard to accomplish feat anymore. With a simple computer and Internet access all the classes thought in an institution can be made readily available to students all over the world.

It is hard to deny the positive aspects of this type of education, to name just a few – it provides access to education to a larger base of population, the time is less of a problem (considering most people have other commitments during normal class hours), space – such as buildings needed to create a proper educational environment would become obsolete and possibly the most important aspect : education would become a more competitive field, requiring constant adaptation and innovation from the teachers thus providing with alternatives to the already established methods that more often than not prove themselves to be inadequate to modern times.

Feel free to tell us what is your opinion on the subject of distance education  in the comment section below. Do you think it’s a reliable source of education or not?

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