Dr. Ugur Demiray

Dr. Ugur Demiray is a well known personality in Turkey. He was born in Siirt in 1955. After doing primary as well as secondary education from Istanbul, he did his graduation in 1981 from the reputed Andalou University under the department of TV & Cinema.

After completing his graduation he decided to work as a research resistant. He then went on to complete his PhD within the next 5 years in ECP or Educational Communication & Planning. He has also been pursuing his MA in distance education from London University.

Areas of Interest

Dr. Ugur Demiray’s main areas of interest have been:

  1. Communicational difficulties of distance education
  2. Distance education’s various applications in the country
  3. Different researches in the field of distance education
  4. Students of this stream of study and their profiles
  5. Mass communication
  6. Communication theories
  7. Relationship between industry and students graduating in distance education
  8. Graduates completing distance education course and their profiles
  9. Meta communication


His career progressed quite rapidly after that and he moved on to become research assistant then the associate professor and finally professor in the year 1995. Over the years Dr. Ugur Demiray has quite effectively proved his expertise in Distance Education stream.

All of his studies and articles concentrate on the topic of distance education as well as online journalism. Many of his articles have been published in national plus international publications. Dr. Ugur has also been writing for the distance education online journal in Turkey (TOJDE) from 2000 as its editor in chief. At the start of academic career he also showed interest in mass communication & effect of mass media such as video on viewers in Turkey.


Dr. Ugur Demiray has been awarded many times for his dedicated work in journalism. Some of the awards he has received include:

  1. He won 3rd prize in the year 1993 in color photography event hosted by Sweden’s Universal Cultural House (UCH). He won the prize in Child category.
  2. Dr. Ugur Demiray got the 1st prize in 1996 from Cumhuriyet newspaper & TURSAK for his short film named City.

His Work

From the time Dr. Ugur Demiray started academic career he became well known for the articles he wrote on different topics such as:

  1. Distance education in the country
  2. Effect that media has upon distance education
  3. Journalism

Dr. Ugur Demiray has also written books which talk about educational programs which primarily rely on methods such as e-learning and their promotion. The book also gives the reader insights on distance learning and its theoretical framework as well as research in this field. Additionally, it provides tips on how distance learning can be promoted as well as marketed in different sectors.

He has concentrated more on finding different ways by which distance education can be improved in Turkey and how it can become more effective and important than the usual classroom education in the country.

Due to his extensive research and total dedication to work he does in his field, Dr. Ugur Demiray is considered one of the most important and key players in distance education stream of studies.

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