Is traditional education better than distance education?

An ongoing debate has been raging for years between scholars trained in the Sciences of Education, whether a classroom based way of educating students is better than a distance education system.

Though several studies have been proven inconclusive in regards with this subject, disregarding the allegation that a traditional approach is better, the two camps haven’t reached a common agreement.

Let’s see some arguments that support the traditional educational system approach:

-          It’s a “hands-on” approach, allows for direct interaction between the educated person and the educator

-          Situations such as non-functional electronical devices or lost materials, don’t arise if everything needed can be found in one space – a classroom

-          It has been used for a number of years (or centuries) and has been registering a staggering success rate as far as education goes

-          It ensures a quick way of getting answers to your questions, rather than having to wait until your professor can answer you back via e-mail or other manners of distance communication.

What are the arguments in favour of distance education then?

-          This form of education is accessible to people all around the world who might not afford getting educated in an institutionalized environment such as an university

-          It is also available to people who due to certain reasons are unable to attend a regular class – people who suffer from certain ailments or who simply live in a different country. There are no borders in Distance Education

-          The necessary resources needed to ensure a course of DE are less limited by things such as – timetables, buildings, office supplies and other time and resource consuming things. Everything is readily available at your fingertips.

Both teaching systems have their benefits and their flaws, ultimately the responsibility of choosing the best way of getting an education relies solely on the educated person. Use the comment form below if you have any thoughts on this subject and tell us which way do you prefer?

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