Marketing Online Education Programs: Frameworks for Promotion and Communication

This book by Ugur Demiray is a milestone in the research regarding the way educational programs that rely on e-learning are promoted and how communication impacts on their development.

Just think of how the internet and the computers were twenty years ago and compare it to what we have today. The world changed at impossible speeds with so many advancements being made in a short period of time. Technology changes every day with newer, better and vastly improved devices and gadgets.

Since these changes have been made in the technological field, the online education programs couldn’t have been left behind. But how this educational programs are marketed has lead to controversy in later years. Education seen as a product is somewhat hard to swallow by some, leading to controversy regarding the measure in which we can see the students as customers and teachers as service providers.

Here is where Ugur Demiray’s book comes in handy. It provides you with information on the latest theoretical frameworks and research on the subject of Distance Learning and more importantly on the ways in which this particular type of education can be marketed and promoted to the general public.

Online learning might seem like the best alternative at times, but there are several things to be taken into consideration, things that Demiray brings to light, such as – how can educators deliver what is promised in a course? Are they able to update the courses in a regular fashion and provide the student with sufficient interaction so the information received is understood?

If you have ever had questions about this topic, the ones listed above or other ones, this is the book for you! An integrated perspective on communication and promotion issues of using online education programs, readily available and more importantly of interest in our day and age.

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