Ugur Demiray and TOJDE

What is TOJDE is a question frequently asked. The Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education is a quarterly e-journal. The editor in chief of this Journal is none other than Ugur Demiray whose preoccupation for the field of Distance Education has made him stand out from other specialists.

Thought the publication is Turkish based, the articles that are featured in the journal are from scholars all over the worlds – Niger, Australia, Romania and The UK to name a few. The publications tries to reach a larger reader base, focusing on all the parts of the world, rather than taking a more exclusive approach and focus mostly on certain countries.

Considering the topic of discussion in the various articles that are published – Distance Education – TOJDE does a great job at connecting people all around the world and providing them with the necessary tools to develop new strategies about distance education. We live after all in a time where everything moves so fast distance education is rapidly gaining terrain against the classic alternative.

The mission statement for TOJDE is simple yet provides more information than a ten page essay ever could: “It’s Never Too Late, Read TOJDE Now and Please Inform Your Colleagues”.

Each volume of this journal opens with an editor’s note from Ugur Demiray, who as I already mentioned, is the editor in chief of the Journal. As well as providing valuable information about each article that is featured in the current edition he provides short personal notes regarding what has been written, thus offering us all the chance of choosing the subject that holds the most interest for us.

The Journal is free for all, if you wish to read it all you have to do is press the link below and it will take you straight to the latest issue.

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