Ugur Demiray bio

Dr. Ugur Demiray was born in Turkey in 1955. After graduating from the Cinema and TV Department of the Turkish based, Andalou University in 1981 he went on to become a research assistant.  Five years later he received his PhD degree in Educational Communication and Planning  and he continued his career path in leaps and bounds – from research assistant to associate professor and later on professor in 1995, Ugur Demiray proved to be a force to be reckoned with in the field of Distance Education.

His studies are mostly focused on this topic and that of scholarly online journalism, topics that he dedicated numerous articles to. A fluent English speaker he has published articles on a national and international level, most preeminently in TOJDE since early 2000. In the early days of his academic career he focused as well on the impact of Mass communication on leisure time and the influence of Video as Mass-Media in Turkey.

For his intense work in the field of Journalism he has received countless awards, to list just a few – he was the recipient of the third prize in the “Child” category for the Colour Photography Competition, which was hosted by the prestigious Universal Cultural House, based in Sweden in 1993, as well as the first prize for the short film he did in 1996, called “City”. This award was given by the Habitat Istanbul Meeting Committee TURSAK and Cumhuriyet Daily.

Since the beginning of his academic career he has written numerous articles on the subject of Journalism, the impact of Media on Distance Education in general as well as the Distance Education in Turkey.

Most of his work is focused on various ways of improving Distance Education or on the research of how Distance Education can prove itself better, or different from the classical, classroom education – a more institutionalized method.

An important player in the field of Distance Education, Ugur Demiray distinguished himself from other specialists through his extensive work and his dedication to his field.

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